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Introducing, "Ocean Meditation"; a meditation CD with Native American flute and sounds of the ocean and, "Good Medicine". Click on the "My CD's" link below.
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Mother's Day Concert 2006
(Photos courtesy of Natalie Vision Seeker)


Wolf Concert 2006




Dail talks about her flutes and the wonderful spiritual journey of her music. Leah Wolfsong and Rei Cortez performing, "Ceremony", from their Great Turning album Dail plays one of her favorites, "Loving Zac", from her Deep Reflections album. David Searching Owl and Kim Whitefeather performing. Dail plays, "Sweet Dreams", from her Northern Lights album. Dail and Jesse Red Horse Stephen Standing Owl David Searching Owl, Dail, and Stephen Standing Owl Dail at the Saco River Pow-Wow

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Dragonfly and Leah Wolfsong performing, "Heart of the Tree", from Dragonfly's new CD, "Enter the Circle" Dragonfly performing, "Heart of the Tree" Dragonfly and David Searching Owl performing some Blues Dragonfly performing, "Woodlands of My Soul" Dragonfly performing, "Woodlands of My Soul" Dragonfly performing, "Chickadee" Dragonfly performing, "Chickadee" Mother's Day Concert 2006 performers Leah Wolfsong, Rei Cortez,, and Dragonfly performing, "The River", from Leah's CD, "Great Turnings"
Dragonfly performing, "Echoes on the Wind" Dragonfly performing, "The Elders", from, "Enter the Circle" Dragonfly performing, "Soft Rain" The Flutes

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